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Heterotopia Series

This is an ongoing series that I started with the concept of "other spaces" (Heterotopias) in mind, as part of the NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program Round 2 Exhibit. This concept was developed by French philosopher Michel Foucault to describe spaces that are outside of all places, like worlds within worlds, “in-between” spaces, yet spaces that reflect or speak to the outside.


I paint intuitively and for some time now, I have been painting spaces or landscapes depicting worlds that are “other”, worlds with a dream-like quality. Heterotopia nº 1, 2 and 3, are the result of thinking about those “in between” worlds. These worlds can be transitional spaces that the displaced, the placeless, migrants or refugees, have come to accept as a necessary means to something better. Spaces that can be at the same time beautiful and frightening. Spaces where hope and despair coexist, where freedom and constraint are ever present and where space and time are constantly in doubt.


Often in my work, shapes emerge as would objects, animals or people in a dream. When possible, I try to respect these intrusions by letting them permeate through the work as they come from a deep place within me. In these paintings I use warm earth tones and cool colors in opposition to each other, further emphasizing the impossible reality of the placeless places they depict.

Ref.: Michel Foucault. Des espaces autres, Hétérotopies (1967). “Of other spaces, Heterotopias (1967), published by the Journal Architecture/Mouvement/ Continuité in October, 1984.”

Heterotopia n°1, Acrylic on Canvas

Heterotopia n°2, Acrylic on Canvas

Heterotopia n°3, Acrylic on Canvas

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