Welcome to my studio

"La Cerisaie"


I am an abstract artist who creates expressive oil and acrylic paintings

drawing on my cultural heritage and memories. 




My studio is dedicated to my mother and to our house "La Cerisaie", the namesake of Anton Tchekhov's play ("The Cherry Orchard"). My mother was an artist in her own right. Her strength and courage to go beyond herself remains an inspiration to me to this day. Her spirit guided me when I chose to pursue a creative life and it continues to guide me on my own journey as an artist. I hope to fulfill the pledge I made to myself to create authentic paintings reflective of my legacy. Initially, I wanted to depict still lives, landscapes and scenes of my past, the Mediterranean Sea, our house, its objects and the flowers, garden and orchard my father kept. As I delved deeper into the work, I discovered a passion for creating expressionist abstract art with semi-figurative imagery combining both abstract and figurative elements. This duality presents a unique challenge. The paintings created in 2020, 2021 and 2022 are representative of working at the intersection of these two worlds. They are my most favorite. Browse through my website and see for yourself!


Bon Voyage!